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False gods

falseguru_kFalse icons and myths should always be exposed and eliminated. One of the reason why we as a society fail to assert ourselves is the delimiting force of these false icons. The modus operandi of creation of such false icons is similar:
A person or sect with some outward Hindu appearance would be publicized by English press or western media or ruling class. Ignorant Hindus, being historically ignorant, would then fight to assert that these persons or sects symbolize their great culture. These ignorants start seeing these fraud icons as proofs of their ‘great culture’. However each of these icons, in reality, would represent such beliefs and practices which are totally opposite of the true essence of this culture. They are like the spies of the enemy.

And whenever someone would try to expose these frauds, they would find snub not from west or ruling class, but more from ignorant Hindus themselves. And the communists, Muslims and Christians would use these false icons to spread their agenda and attack the true culture that we all claim to represent and seed doubt over our glorious culture.

Ask anyone what the concrete contribution of these icons has been at ground level. And you would find their ignorant admirers panting for a satisfying answer. All you find is a long list of writings that was admired by English press. No one else has read them in detail. And if you indeed do, you will realise yourself why they are false icons. But then blind supporters would still argue saying that they were great people and above any scrutiny by lesser mortals.

This is no diferent from Muslims justifying child-sex and sex with daughter-in law of Prophet Muhammad on pretext that he was a Prophet! The philosphy of Vedas however assert that even God has to be believed after due analysis and examination.

These false icons become greatest blockages in reforming the society and reestablishing the core ideology of our great culture. They are our greatest speed and morale breakers.

A partial list of such false icons is as follows:

1. Mahatma Gandhi – Experimenter of truth through sleeping naked with young women in same blanket to test whether he gets aroused or not!!, killer of millions of Hindus, believed Ram to be a myth, Muslim sycophant. Read his articles of Young India for more. Or this site.

2. Jawaharlal Nehru – Rumored to have produced several illegitimate children (his birthday is termed Children’s day), propagated distorted history of India causing all the mess of education till date, characterless communist elitist who ruined the independent infant India in a way that till date we find the disabilities hurting us, father of Kashmir crisis. His progeny (legitimate) have siphoned greatest amount of public money in history of any nation.

3. Sufi saints and peers/gazis of dargahs – Hindus are fools to stoop to level of worshipping graves of those who were instrumental in killing millions of Hindus. Be it Ajmer Sharif where we worship a Gazi causing death of lakhs of Hindus, or Pratapgarh where the grave of Afzal Khan, whom great Shivaji killed, is being worshipped. The highest number of visitors to these graves are Hindus and that is among the greatest disgrace for our society.

4. Fraud indologists like Max Muller, Monier Williams etc – They were agents of Christian church who translated our scriptures in most demeaning manner and propagated them across the world as official right translations. And we were fools to accord them high status for promoting our culture! Till date, they are the ones whose crap is being taught in our universities.

5. Pervert criminals like Akbar, Shershah who are portrayed as icons of Hindu-Muslim unity.

6. All those babas, saints etc born during our years of slavery but did not take part in freedom movement or social reformation, and instead claimed divine/special gifts of God.

7. All those babas/saints etc who directly or indirectly praised Islam and Christianity or their founders. because if they had studied these religions and still believed so, they were illogical dumb-headed. If they did not study these religions, yet praised these religions which have caused Bharat the greatest damage, they were frauds – because without due analysis, any sane person has no rights to pass conclusion on any thing – especially when the person claims to be a baba or sanyasi and when the issues involved are so crucial.

The following are fundamental truths about our culture and any counterview on this implies that the icon propagating the same are false:
a. Ram, Krishna were great role models, symbols of perfection. They were neither drunkards, nor myths and those wanting us to believe the same are frauds.
b. Cow has since dawn of civilization been equivalent to mother in our culture. Vedas, our role models, Rishis, legends were known for their cow-love and those wanting us to believe the contrary are frauds.
c. Islam and Christianity represent anti-thesis of our culture. These religions as well as their founders, especially Islam, can be treated as no more than criminals as per ethics of our culture. Those wanting us to believe the opposite or want to prove that Quran or Bible are noble texts, are frauds.
d. The first precondition for being a role model in our culture is one’s personal character and concrete examples on ground, and not mere empty talks. Thus a sanyasi who smokes, a mahatma who needs to sleep with girls naked to test brahmcharya or a lover of truth who wants us to believe that Islam is great is a fraud.

We have innumerable alternate and noble role models whom we conveniently forget because the west or the ruling class did not create hype about them. Its time we revive them. But first create space for them by eliminating false ones.

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