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Gandhi and Muslim Appeasement – II

Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari

It should be mentioned at the very outset that Gandhi never fought for India’s freedom. The reader should recall that Gandhi was brought from South Africa by the British to sabotage India’s freedom movement and hence it was not possible for him to fight the British for freedom. On the contrary, his intention was to prolong British rule in this country and to hoodwink the Hindus, he used to say that he was fighting for Swaraj. But his concept Swaraj was entirely mystical and vague and he used equate Swaraj with Ramrajya (or the rule of Lord Ram). According to him, termination of British rule was not at all necessary to establish Swaraj and Swaraj could function well even under the British rule. So he always opposed any move for demanding complete independence from the British rule and reproached the leaders like Subhash Chandra Bose and others because they were in favour of demanding independence,

One of the basic preconditions of his Swaraj was the amity between the Hindus and the Muslims. It has been pointed out earlier that his idea of Hindu-Muslim amity was extremely biased and prejudiced – Hindus were supposed to make every sacrifice and silently endure all the oppressions and crimes of the Muslims for the sake of this unity. It is well known that, for the sake of this Hindu-Muslim unity, Gandhi supported the KHILAFAT MOVEMENT, and extremely communal agitation launched by the fanatic and orthodox Muslim leaders, the Ali brothers. In his personal capacity, Gandhi once wanted to translate Spirit of Islam by Syed Amir Ali and Muhammad’s biography Life of Mahomet by Sir W Muir, to win the hearts of the Muslims. To appease them, he used to overlook and ignore even heinous crimes committed by the Muslims and considered “Allahu Akbar” as a national slogan. He held the view that, Hindus should die but never should kill a Muslim. Many used to consider him a more devout Muslim than even Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

To many. it would appear unbelievable that Gandhi used to advise the Amir of Afghanistan not to make peace with India and, on the contrary, instigated him to launch jihad against India or invade India. Moreover, he advised the Muslims of this country that, at such a situation, they should join the Afghan army and fight against India. He used to say that “Muslims are bullies and the Hindus are cowards” and advise the Muslims to be more cruel and violent during their attack on the Hindus. On the other hand, he suggested the Hindus to remain non-violent and not to defend their attack. He used to maintain the view that Hindus must not strike a Muslim even to save their lives. In the wake of partition, when the Muslims started slaughtering the innocent Hindus of Punjab, Sardar Vallabbhai Patel asked the Hindus to defend their lives. But that displeased Gandhi and he reproached Patel for his advice.

In 1946, Gandhi did not go to Noakhali when the Hindus were being butchered there and he went there when the bloodshed was over. On the contrary, when the Hindus of Bihar started retaliating the Noakhali killings, he at once went to Bihar to save the Muslims.. Due to his extraordinary affection for the Muslims, many used to mention him as Mohammad Gandhi. To many, it would appear unbelievable that Gandhi used to advise the Hindus (for the sake of nonviolence) not to take part in any short of physical exercise and body-building activities as, in that case, it would have been difficult for the Muslims to oppress and massacre the physically strong Hindus. In fact, he closed most of the gymnasiums and other body-building centres in Gujarat.Gandhi strongly believed that Muslim rule was better for India than the British rule and in the wake of independence, he requested the British to transfer the power to the Muslims. At the same time, he started to look for an efficient Muslim emperor to rule this country. But doing so much for the Muslims, he remained a loathsome kafir in the eyes of the Muslims as Koran does not advocate Hindu-Muslim unity. On the contrary, Allah advises the Muslims to kill non-Muslim kafirs whenever and wherever they could be found (Koran – 9:5). So the Muslim leader Mohammad Ali said, “In my eye, Gandhi is worse than a fallen Mussalman.”

It has been pointed out earlier, what kind of vile and treacherous role Gandhi played during independence. After independence, both Gandhi and Nehru started vehemently to erase all the symbols that carry Hindu heritage. They declined to rename divided India as “Hindustan and started to mention it as non-Pakistan and ultimately they settled at “Indian Republic.” But most of the countries in the world are known according to the name of the majority of the population, e.g. France, Germany, England, Ireland, Turkey, Afghanistan and so on. While commenting on Gandhi and his policy of Muslim appeasement, in the name of nonviolence, Sri Aurobinda once said, India will be free to the extent it succeeds in shaking off the spell of Gandhism.”

The present topic will remain incomplete if we do not discuss Gandhi’s deeds during the jihad launched by the Moplahs in Kerala in 1920, against the Hindus. At that time Kerala was a Princely state called Travancore under the Madras Presidency. Malabar was a small district of Travancore having a population of 3 million out of which 1 million were Muslims known as Moplahs, which was a corrupt Mollah. Historians believe that once upon a time Arab traders and their sailors and crews settled in the district, who married local women and grew into a sizable population of Muslims.

These Moplahs were mostly illiterate and poor and nearly all of them used to earn their bread as agricultural labourers in the fields of well off Nambudri Brahmins. Like Muslims of other parts of the world, they were extremely cruel and used to declare jihad against the Hindus on flimsy ground and attack Hindus of the locality. From the beginning of the English rule, they launched 35 attacks within 1920 AD.

In August, 1921, when Gandhi was touring Assam, Silhet and Silchar, Moplahs organized a severe and unprovoked attack on 20th August on the Hindus. Large scale slaughtering the Hindus, looting their properties, setting their houses on fire, raping Hindu women, desecration of Hindu temples and forceful conversion went on without any respite. The cruelty, brutality and horridness of the attack were far-reaching and incomprehensible. At that time, there were two options before the Hindus – either conversion to Islam or death.

A Muslim called Ali Musaliar was leading the attack. To bring the situation under control, British government declared martial law in the district but the rampage continued up to December. So the British had to prolong the martial law up to February 24, 1922. According to government records, 2300 Hindus were dead and 1650 Hindus were severely wounded, although the actual figures were more than double of the above account.

In many occasions, Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence, decried forceful conversion as a terribly violent act. But regarding the forceful conversion by the Moplahs, he preferred to remain mum. Moreover, he propagated the lie in Young India that the Moplahs, during the said rampage, had converted only a single Hindu to Islam. Most shamefully he described the killing of the innocent Hindus by the Moplahs as a heroic deed and he repeatedly said, “Muslims are bullies and the Hindus are cowards.” Moreover, he used to say that the Moplahs were not guilty of killing the Hindus and, guilty were the Hindus who infuriated and provoked the Moplahs who had had no other option but to kill the Hindus. In addition to that, he asked the Hindus, for the sake of humanity, not to retaliate. There is no doubt that Gandhi, by safe guarding the Moplahs, instigated the Muslims to launch attacks on the Hindus in Punjab, Bengal and in other places in the wake of partition.

More shamefully, Gandhi deplored the British administration for taking stern action to suppress the jihad by the Moplahs. Moreover, he declared Moplahs, who fought with the British army, as freedom fighters and said, “The Moplahs are among the bravest in the land. They are god-fearing. Their bravery must be transformed into purest gold.”…Thus “He represented the perpetrators of vile deeds as god-fearing people! Was it not a travesty of religion to described men who murder and rape in the name of religion as god-fearing? … Gandhi thus described the Moplah ferocity as the ignorant fanaticism of the Moplah brothers, and the Hindu mentality as cowardliness.” (Mahatma Gandhi, D Keer, ibid, pp-402). The matter did not end here. Due to perpetual insistence by Gandhi, the Moplah rogues, who died in police encounter, were later on declared martyrs of the freedom struggle and were allowed to receive allowance, like other freedom fighters, from the government exchequer, after independence and the practice is still in vogue. After the carnage by the Moplahs, Gandhi started raising money from common people to help, not the Hindu victims, but for the Muslim perpetrators. Following the tradition set by Gandhi, the so called secular politicians and secular media in Mumbai observe Moplah Day every year and take out procession and hold public meetings. Many believe that it would have been immensely beneficial for the country, had Gandhi been assassinated at that time.

So, it is not difficult to understand that, had Gandhi been alive today, he would declare the killing of innocent Hindus in Kashmir, bombing the Hindu temples and killing innocent devotees, killing the Hindu pilgrims at Amarnath etc. as the bravery of the Muslims and cowardliness of Hindu victims. It also becomes evident that why today’s so called secular politicians and their media held the Hindu victims of Godhra responsible for their own death and remained silent about the Muslims criminals, as a policy of Muslim appeasement. And by following the foot-steps of Gandhi, these secular and leftist political leaders raised money for the Muslims of Gujarat, not for the Hindu victims of Godhra. Therefore many believe that Gandhi’s naked Muslim appeasement during the Moplah incident was enough to assassinate him in 1920s and that would have saved this country from many misfortunes, later on brought by Gandhi.

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  1. Gandhi was the greatest hidden rep of Satan ever produced in world .He was a cheat,pervert ,sadist and degenrate.He was a British agent who was mad to get Noble Prize

    Comment by surender | March 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Gandhi was a hypocrite who didnot permit proper treatment for his wife whereas for him self he got operated for appendicitis.He became celibate because his wife suffered from bleeding disorder.He destroyed nation by his evil fraud and spell.He was a British agent initially and was brought to India to divert and steal the freedom struggle from the hands of violent agitators and the fear of British of Communist take over planned with the help of Russians.Gandhi fooled the world and God by stealing people,s mind and diverting their attention towards purposeless agitations and ridicule.He delayed India,s freedom by 30 years and wanted British rule to extend atleast till 1952.Lord Wavell the Viceroy understood his true colours and confided that he was a cheat and a violent person at heart.He was the main architect of communal divide and was surpassed in overt hatred by a fellow Gujrati called Jinnah who was a person of unsound mind due to TB and psychosis.Both were matchless in hateful agenda of deceit.India got freedom because of British exhaustion and strong American pressure on Britain .Roosevelt told Churchill to grant freedom to India as America stood for freedom and that American soldiers in wars have died for freedom of others and hence there was no justification in enslaving the world around.Gandhi was a sadist who always used to glee on hearing the death news of others and justified eating of innocent cows.He was interested in pervert practices and was concerned about bowels and enemas.He tried his best to immortalise himself at the cost of dead millions.He tried to eliminate the significance of past saints.He can be summarised in the words of Christ”Many false prophets will”.His greatness can be seen by the fruits which this tree brought,,,death of millions and destitution for all,a feat no less than Hitler or Stalin.India,s all ills of today are the legacy of Gandhi and his followers who showed their true colour after freedom by bullying, cheating and intimidating and weakening nation and Army.He was a fake and was secular just to advance himself .He was a failure in law practice and chose easy way to thrive …cheating and leading people astray.He should have followed Gita,Vivekananda and other great people whom he always tried secretly to subvert.History and deaths of millions and present day influence of his on evils of today will judge him .Truth is truth.He was a man devoid of love and compassion and kindness.All his social service was a gimmick.But he was a simpleman and hardworking person who thought that he was only person in the world who had taken the contract of truthfulness.Infact there are million more truthful and greater men than him but they never project themselves because the British are no more around to find a collaborator to perpetuate their rule.

    Comment by surender | March 30, 2009 | Reply

  3. The greatest mass butchers of 20 centuries were Lenin,Stalin,Hitler,Mao who through their violent policies extinguished the lives of several millions.They wre brutes and cruel blood thirsty monsters.They were closely followed by Jinnah who through his direct call for mass violence resulted in death of millions in Indian subcontinent.His legacy of hate ,violence and bloodshed continues till date and will continue till he is appericiated.He had another associate who was hypocrite and slept naked with nude girls who were wives of his relations.This fellow called himself, rather secretely liked to be called Mahatma.The fake sinful Mahatma was a person directly responsible for millions of killings in Indian subcontinent.He was a mischievous person who was instrumental in getting his wife killed naturally without treatment for her illness so that he could enjoy the enlightened company of European women who were young.He was fed up from his elderly illiterate wife.This Mahatama was a blackmailer par excellence throughout his life and pretended falsely to be self styled all powerful but totally irresponsible man,who destroyed millions of lives by encouraging disruption by spoiling the lives of millions of students who stopped going to schools and destroying the economy by his selfish and foolish methods.He was a pervert and a cheat who was immediately and rightly discarded by his followers after independence after his nuisance value was exposed.He was a very unkind and unsympathetic person in his personal life.Had he not been there ,India was destined to win freedom by 1919.British new it and that is why they brought him to India ,called him their saviour in South Africa,so that he could mislead the freedom struggle and they and this collaborator succeeded in return for built up cultivated false greatness, free access to world press and total freedom to wreck peoples lives .He never uttered Hey Ram while he died ,falsehood even in death.His greatness could be seen and was reflected in his son,s who were drunkards and what not.One graet sage of India had said till his memory lives ,the evil shadow of his will not permit India and Indians to live in peace.His memory will only encourage perversion ,naked nudeness,Hartals ,strikes,disruption,non-cooperation,hidden communalism,primitiveness,exploitation of farmers by his business community,weakening of Army and country and above all true democracy as he was a dictator self styled who did not permit fair elections.He was a very violent person at heart which he brought about in India with his evil personality.It is a hard truth.His memory must be erased for the sake of human innocence,Godliness,true simplicity and India, survival.God forgive him for his evil sins.

    Comment by Dev | April 2, 2009 | Reply

  4. The greatest and best worship of God is admiration and love of nature.There is no purpose in admiring and worshiping any kind of man because they are all dirty alike in their biological functions .Idols and nature are pristinely glorious,pure and reflect the purest state of mind and concentration.God lives in love ,clouds ,trees, flowers and all kind of his creation.Rest are all false prophets and sons. Extermination of humanity in both north and south America was neither religion not truth of your club.Planned killing and intentional conversions are no Godhood or truthfulness.It is false club.Look inward and defects of your religion and not of others.I criticise my faith and my defects and so should you.

    Comment by Dev | April 3, 2009 | Reply

  5. What is the source of this article? I believe that it is true as i know that Gandhi was a person of this kind. But in order to make others believe the same there should be solid proofs.

    Comment by Ananya Arya | April 11, 2010 | Reply

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